Devoted to life-changing treatments

Our focus is simple, but our work is complex: making advanced, life-changing biologic medicines more accessible to more patients.

Advanced science, manufacturing and support for biosimilars

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Affordable life-changing therapies

Biosimilars can potentially offer up to 30% price reductions when compared with reference products1.

Dedicated to the patients we serve

Fresenius Kabi helps clinicians achieve their mission of preserving the quality of life and well-being of patients.

Fresenius Kabi at a Glance

At the forefront of health care innovation
Learn how we as a global health care company are at the forefront of health care innovation and patient care.
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  1. Kabir ER, Moreino SS, Siam MKS. The breakthrough of biosimilars: A twist In the narrative of biological therapy. Biomolecules. 2019;9{9):410.